Open Source

Pants is a state-of-the-art, ergonomic open source developer workflow system. It installs, orchestrates and runs all your favorite tools, coordinating inputs and outputs as needed.

Pants uses caching and concurrency to dramatically speeds up your desktop and CI builds.

Pants is fast, scalable, and user-friendly. Unlike other systems, Pants v2 is designed for ease of use on the real-world needs of teams like yours. For example, it infers your code's dependencies automatically, so you don't have to laboriously maintain huge amounts of build metadata. And it's easy to add your own custom build steps using a Python 3 plugin API.

Pants is developed and supported by a friendly open-source community. You and your team are welcome to fully participate in decision-making and development, to ensure that the system serves your needs.


Caching and Analytics

With our remote caching service, currently in beta, work is shared across your entire team. When you pull other people's changes you utilize the results of their build and test work, instead of having to re-run it. This can result in great speedups in both desktop and, especially, CI builds. The remote cache is easy to enable, and requires no knowledge of tool internals, unlike the unwieldy syncing of cache directories to and from CI machines.

Our state-of-the-art web application, BuildSense, allows you to search, filter and browse all your and your team's workflow, drill down into issues, analyze performance and more. Instead of being lost in your terminal scrollback, software workflow outcomes are now preserved for comparison and analysis.

Our remote execution service, currently under development, will provide even more performance gains through greatly increased concurrency.



Our team includes the original creators of Pants, as well as several other core maintainers of the system. We have unparalleled experience and knowledge of how to make your builds and other workflows fast, stable, and ergonomic. Let us help you take your developer productivity and satisfaction to new heights.

Let us help you

We'd love to hear how we can help you achieve fast, stable builds and other developer workflows, on laptops and in CI.